Who we help

We work with a variety of people who find themselves in financial need.

This includes single-parent families, pensioners, people with disabilities or long-term medical conditions and families on low incomes who may find themselves with unexpected medical or household bills that put them in financial difficulty.


We operate a client based system and ask people to register with us to use our service.


Individuals may self refer and are welcome to drop into our office during opening hours when they will be asked a number of questions regarding their family and financial status to see whether they meet our criteria for help. Please allow at least 20 minutes for this first visit and bear in mind you may have to wait as we operate a drop-in system and can’t make appointments. If you arrive too near to closing time we may not have time to register you. You will need to have a clear idea of your income and expenditure and may find it helpful to bring along copies of your latest pay slip, rent payment, bank statement, benefit receipt etc.

Support Workers from both social services and recognised agencies are welcome to telephone or e-mail ahead of an individual’s visit to give some background to their situation. We are always pleased to have this information. They are also welcome to accompany an individual if that is helpful.

We do

Offer a non-judgemental service.

Help people who are working and on low incomes, not just those on benefits.

Only help in small ways to help keep people fed or warm for a few days.

We do not

Make cash payments.

Allow people to become dependent on us, therefore we can’t help too often.

Make grants to other agencies.